contoh LPJ dalam bahasa inggris


A. Background
SMAN South Sumatera (Sampoerna Academy) is a premier school in South Sumatera which provides the holistic education in 21st century and applies boarding school system for the students. The school strives to give the excellent education for the students who are expected to be the next Indonesian future leaders. The students obligate to perform well in both academic and non-academic skills.
Recently, the recruitment of new students is done in order to regenerate school inheritance. About 105 students who come from different background and hometown have been recruited as the fourth intake of SMAN Sumatera Selatan. To welcome them as the new family members, Student Council has prepared the event known as Student Orientation.
This event later will become the initial benchmarks of students’ behavior and how well they understand about the school as well as dormitory system. By implementing educated and valuable programs to make every individual knows about school more such as the rules, regulations, policies, rewards, sanctions, etc.

B. Aims
1. To welcomed the new students
2. To allowed the students know about the routines and traditions in SMAN Sumatera Selatan
3. To introduced the school and dormitory system
4. To instill the students to behave according to the 9 core values and other remarkable life values
5. To trained the students to be discipline as well as to obey the rules and regulations

C. The Details
• Title of Event or Program : Students’ Orientation 2012
• Day/ Date : Monday, 9 of July till Friday, 13 of July 2012
• Time : 24 x 5 hours
• Venue : School and Dormitory

• The Commitee*
86 students from XI graders and XII graders. They are consist of Students’ Council’ member as the main committee, Building Coordinator who would deal with the dormitory’ areas especially table manner, House Captain as the one who would deal with the house gathering and sharing session along with the students.

• Highlight of Event/Program
1.Some presentations by teachers about school, such as; school vission and mission, 9 core values, 3L, school’s regulations and achievements, Organizations, School’s facilities, school’s curriculum and simulations about dormitory’s life.
2. Marcing practice done by committee (discipline squad) in the futsal field on 10 of july and 12 of July at till 5.30 pm.
3. Choir practise for inaguration twice in a day.
4. Sudden Wake Up done by Committee (Discipline Squad) and supervised by Pak Romsah, Pak Amir, Bu Selly. It was held on 10 of July and 12 of July from 00.30 am till 2 pm.
5. Assembly done by Committee (Field Commander). It talked about the events that the students would have on the due day.
6. House Gathering done by Committee (House Captain/Mentor).
7. Sharing Session done by Committee (Group Guardian)
8. Bonefire done by Committee and supervised by teacher (Pak Kasim)
9. Outbound done by Committee (Ice Breaker) on 12 of July.
10. Group performance.
11. ‘Kick Off’ program on 13 of July under supervised Pak Kasim.
12. Table Manner’ done by Committee (Building Coordinator)
13. English Usage everytime, everywhere.
14. Gymnastic and flash mob every morning after subuh prayer.

• Plus Point of the Event/Program
1. It helped the students to know more about the school’s environment especially about school’s system, teachers, stuff, seniors, new friends, etc.
2. It encouraged the students to be discipline
3. It helped the students to know

• Minus Point of the Event/Program
1. Some events took longer time, so that most of the time the schedule of every event did not work according to the run down.
2. The students had been too exhausted when they did a choir practise. As the consequence, the choir was worst.
3. Miss-understanding between the students and the committee because of the language used, english usage in every event without any excuses.
4. Many students fell sick because they did not tell honestly about their disease.

• Solution
1. By removing some unimportant events, so that other events could still be run.
2. The committee decided to add more times for the choir practise in order to get a better result on the inaguration.
3. By keep talking in english for the committee and always encourage the students to try to speak in english as well. But then, they still could not understand, so the committee would use billingual one.
4. Committee tried to force the students to be honest about the disease that they have.

Acknowledged by
President of Student Council Chief of Commander

(Hendro Nurdianto) (Tri Meitiya)

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